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Why purchase new sand; then spend more money to haul it to a landfill? The Sandcooker Thermal Sand Reclamation System is the low cost alternative.

The ingenious design equates to low capital costs, low operating cost, and low maintenance. This is the only system that is small foundry affordable.

A Complete System

The system includes a sand metering system, sand feed conveyor, thermal sand reclaimer, high efficiency cooler, sand transporter, and a singular PLC, which integrates and controls all components.

Energy Miser

The design optimizes full utilization of combustible materials in the sand which can provide the major portion of the energy required.

Very Compact

The complete quarter ton/hour system has a footprint of about 3 feet by 13 feet.

Continuous or Intermittent Operation

The system can be run 24/7, or on/off on a daily basis, as start-up time is short.

PLC Controlled w/ Touch Screen

Screens include Menu, Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, Plug-n Values, Faults, History.

The Design Can be Used for Small or Large Foundries:

Whether the system is sized for ¼ ton/hr or 5 tons/hr, the controlling principles of physics are the same.